DifGel Acrylic Resin

DifGel Acrylic Resins allow for waterproofing injections while water is present and under high pressures. With its stability and ability to "gel" at any setting time, DifGel is perfect for almost any active leak.

IP100 Chemical Injection Pistol

The IP100 is our patented dual chemical injection pistol. Allowing for rapid injections, eliminating the need for packers.

Injection Kit

This kit includes all products necessary to begin injections to stop active water leaks. 




DM Resins is dedicated to providing Injecting Solutions for the waterproofing, construction, facilities maintenance and mining industries. We are focused on the injection processes for stopping active water leaks permanently. 

The DM Resins process has been refined over the past 35 years. The unique combination of acrylic and stabilizers combine to make a gel that is very versatile. Since the gel never fully hardens, it is possible to inject until all water is turned into gel or hidden pockets are filled.

The process is simple. Small holes are drilled, eliminating any possible structural impact, and DifGel Acrylic Resin is injected using our patented IP100 Injection Pistol and PU220 Chemical Pump system. Our system and process eliminates the need for one-time use packers, reducing costs and job time.  The resin transforms under pressure, intrusion water, or highly polluted waste, fresh, brackish, or seawater, into a flexible, very adherent, 100% waterproof gel within seconds.

Water Treatment Plants, Tunnels, Elevator Pits, Parking Garages, Power Plants, Dams, Pipe Penetrations, Basements, Seawalls and other below grade structures, have utilized our system. The setting time of the Resin can be varied from 5 seconds to over 2 hours, depending on the application.


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DM Resins process can quickly stop seeping, dripping or flowing water located in difficult, costly and damaging below grade leaks. At the location of the leaks, 1" holes are drilled into the concrete to receive the patented IP100 Injection Pistol. The IP100 eliminates the need for ports and packers and is built to be utilized for many years. Since DifGel Acrylic Resin has a viscosity similar to water, it is then injected under pressure, filling even the farthest and smallest of internal fissures. A colored dye is added to the resin to help track the resin's path during injections. DifGel Acrylic Resins have an adjustable setting time from 5 seconds to over 2 hours, while always maintaining its' properties and forming a waterproof seal. Leaks are permanently sealed with no significant disturbance to the environment or structure.  DM Resins products are specifically designed for below grade waterproofing, mainly elevator pits, tunnels, mines, parking structures, vaults, pipe penetrations, dams, and basements. When injections are complete, fill any drilled holes with non-shrinking cement and flush the injection system with fresh clean water. NO harsh chemical are needed to clean the equipment in preparation for the next project.




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